Georgia's Story

14 months old | Chylothorax | Scotland, UK

“She thrived on the [Fortini*] straight away and it became easier to see her growing and developing.”

– Lindsay, Georgia’s mom

*Fortini is known as Infatrini outside the U.S.

Georgia, from Scotland, was diagnosed shortly after her birth with a condition called chylothorax: Fluid had leaked into the space between her lungs and the wall of her chest. The condition can cause severe coughing, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

After her birth, Georgia remained in the hospital for 118 days, being tube fed mostly. When she finally came home, she was extremely sensitive to fluid volume and struggled mightily to gain weight.

At 7 months, after many sleepless nights for Georgia and her family, she was transitioned to Fortini. Fighting to overcome reflux and her fluid-volume sensitivity, she began with 8 feeds a day, each only about 3 ounces.

To her parents’ delight, a new Georgia started to bloom. She began to gain weight, and her tolerance to fluids improved rapidly, allowing her to taper her feeds from 8 to 6 to 4 to 2 in just a few short months.

Now more than a year old, Georgia no longer needs Fortini. She has continued to gain weight, and both she and her family are finally able to enjoy restful nights.

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