Clinically shown to support catch-up growth

Peer-reviewed studies show time and again how Fortini™ safely helps infants with malnutrition (undernutrition) or failure to thrive (FTT). That’s why Fortini has a 20-year legacy of trusted use in over 30 countries, with millions of bottles of Fortini consumed every year.*

*Fortini is known as Infatrini outside the U.S.

We’ve summarized the evidence here

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Energy- and protein-enriched formula improves weight gain in infants with poor growth.

Well tolerated from day 1 in infants with FTT (n=30).

Improved protein anabolism vs. standard formula in critically ill infants (n=18).

As well tolerated as energy-supplemented formula, supports nutrient intake and catch-up growth in infants with FTT (n=49).

Well tolerated and supports weight gain following congenital heart disease (CHD) surgery (n=59).

As well tolerated as standard term formula, with improved nutrient intake, energy intake, and nitrogen balance in the PICU (n=18).

Well tolerated, faster realization of nutrition goals and sooner positive nitrogen balance vs. standard term formula after surgery in CHD infants (n=50).

Weight gain and improved z-scores in critically ill infants with prolonged PICU stays (n=70).

Increased arginine availability and protein turnover vs. standard formula in critically ill infants (n=18).

We’re confident you’ll see for yourself the difference Fortini can make

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