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Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Fortini™. The science, the ingredients, the clinical evidence, and more — as well as inspirational comeback stories.

The most critical issues with today’s standard of care

For infants with malnutrition (undernutrition) or failure to thrive (FTT), the challenges are tough enough. Sadly, the current approach of concentrating and fortifying infant formulas can make things even tougher. See what’s at risk.


Access clinical guidance on helping FTT infants in the hospital thrive with Fortini, based on 20 years of experience around the globe.

Nutrient and ingredient information

See for yourself how Fortini is nutritionally complete – and specifically calibrated for catch-up.


Read clinical evidence: Fortini supports catch-up growth in infants with FTT.


Find out how Fortini is raising the standard of care, with a head-to-head comparison with concentrated infant formulas.

Supplement Table

View a table with ratios to supplement breast milk with Fortini.


For infants <12 weeks old who may benefit from a graded introduction to Fortini over 3 days.


See the latest growth and tolerance data that supports Fortini as the new standard of care.

Patient case study booklet

Read case studies on how Fortini is used in clinical settings.

Sample Letters of Medical Necessity

A Letter of Medical Necessity may be required when filing an insurance claim. You can complete the missing information and individualize the letters to suit your patient’s needs.


List of diagnoses and ICD-10 codes of related conditions and/or potential symptoms of these conditions.

Nutricia North America supports the use of breast milk whenever possible.

DRI Calculator

Our calculator shows the nutrients Fortini feedings provide and helps you assess how it meets their needs and your goals.

Medical Education

Access a broad array of webinars and other learning opportunities on key FTT topics.

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